"We have it in our power to begin the world over again."              
                                                       ~Thomas Paine 1776
Our Mission only begins with accountability for the Petroleum Industry
1.an agreement, covenant, or compact:

We made a pact to help communities protect themselves.  Are you prepared to protect your community?
About Us
The Earth on which humanity lives today has been covered with depths of ice and experienced sweltering heat. Life, especially life outside the seas, must adjust to these changes, which take place over long periods of time.   

In a short span of time, just the last several decades, humanity developed the technologies to test themselves ourside of the living envelope of Earth.  But in doing so we take the Earth with us, along with the lessons learned.  Living lightly on Earth is one of those lessons.

Some of us are determined to enlarge the potential homes possible for humanity off planet.  Others are focused on ensuring the Earth continues to welcome our species.  

All of us are committed to understanding ourselves and the world, or worlds, which host us.  We are strongly committed and believe we should do no harm to each other, or to the worlds which shelter life.

Of the many misdirections carried out by those whose profits depended on evading accountability one of the most eggregious has been the use of laws which appear to protect but actually open the door for abuse.  These legislative actions have worked to destroy lives and property.  We advocate a return to the 1800s practices for full liability for damage done to people and property.  

See  THE COMMON LAW: -  HOW IT PROTECTS THE ENVIRONMENT (FULL) written by Jane Shaw of Property and Environment Research Center (PERC).

Our primary tool for understanding is the Scientific Method.  We get the facts, then we act.  

Our approach does not preclude an acceptance of the spiritual attributes which have been a part of the human experience.  

You can get to know us on our Team Page .  
Caring for Each Other
Communities of Concern